Damien Moore MP visits Southport College on National Apprenticeship Week to show his continuing support for apprenticeship schemes.

Damien Moore MP visited Southport College this week to show his support for the governments’ flagship education policy of apprenticeship schemes. Damien spoke at length with governors and key employers within the community about how to encourage further school leavers to join the schemes.  

Damien has long been a supporter of apprenticeships as a way forward for young people to gain employment. Having been invited by Southport College to make a keynote speech to students attending the apprenticeship fair; he discussed how apprenticeships can provide key skills to young people wanting to develop themselves within their chosen field. Furthermore, there was an affirmation that the apprenticeship route can lead to full time employment; it can also be an an exciting alternative to University.

Since 2010 the number of people in apprenticeships has increased year on year, last year there were 375,800 new apprenticeship starts compared with just 280,000 in 2009/10.

The event was organised by the Principle John Clarke and Vice-Principle Ann-Marie Francis.

Commenting, Ann-Marie Francis said:

‘I am pleased to have Damien join us today and show his support for Southport College. It is a great inspiration for young people to have our Member of Parliament come in and speak to students about the benefits of apprenticeships.

‘Damien has been a regular visitor to the College and we are grateful that he has taken this opportunity to speak to students about future employment opportunities.

‘We have worked hard to put the event together and I am delighted it has been a great success. In the future we look forward to working with Damien to bring in further employment opportunities for young people.’

Damien Moore said:

‘I am delighted to be working in partnership with Southport College to help young people gain employment in Southport.

‘The variety of apprenticeships on offer from Southport College is extensive, meaning that young people can choose career paths that really interest them. In previous years students would go to university and thereafter not be too sure what to do with their degree. I feel that the emphasis on apprenticeships as an important alternative to University should be championed, and it is important our government continues to support young people to progress down this path.

‘It was also great to see so many young people at the event; for those individuals who will take part in the Apprenticeship Programme they can look to gain important work place skills before going on to full time employment.

‘I would like to thank Principle John Clarke and Vice-Principle Ann-Marie Francis for organising the event, it was a pleasure speaking to a future generation of apprentices and I look forward to coming back to support future events.