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Sinclair D'Albuquerque Slams Sefton MBC Cycle Lane Project

Our prospective Candidate for Cambridge Ward, Sinclair D'Albuquerque, has blasted the council this week for their callous introduction of cycle lanes into the town centre, specifically those along Houghton Street.


Sinclair had this to say:


Sir Ron Watson urges preparation for new funding

Sir Ron Watson is urging Sefton Council to prepare and to advise community groups in particular within the borough of a new funding stream of some £500,000 that will be provided by Liverpool City Region designed to support a range of local environment activities.


Cycle Route Plans for Town Centre

The recent announcement of new ‘pop up’ cycle lanes and walking routes across Southport
town centre has been criticised by Michael Prendergast, prospective council candidate for
Dukes Ward in next year’s local elections.

Financial Position - Bootle New Strand Shopping Centre

Dukes Ward Councillor, Sir Ron Watson, who has spent many hours trying to determine the true financial position of the Strand has now been denied further access to information by the Leader of the Council, Councillor Ian Maher.


New double yellow lines on Oxford Road

Dukes Ward Councillor, Sir Ron Watson, and his Council Candidate Colleague, Mike Prendergast, have expressed their satisfaction that they have been now able to extend the double yellow lines at the top of Oxford Road on the right hand side into Trafalgar Road.


Black Lives Matter Demonstration Southport

George Floyd’s death is deeply upsetting, and we appreciate the strength of feeling around it.

Many people here in the UK empathise with others in the United States of America and they have taken to the streets to protest the social injustice which surrounds the death of George Floyd.

Damien Moore MP welcomes funding to help people off the streets in Sefton

Damien Moore has welcomed the Government’s announcement that more than £25 million will be allocated to 108 areas across the country, including Sefton – providing vital funding to help the most vulnerable rough sleepers off the streets as part of the Conservative Government’s £100 million plan to