Get involved

This is an exciting time in British politics. We have the opportunity to develop a positive, forwardlooking agenda that helps meet the big challenges our country faces, and helps make Britain a better place to live. With the next general election now in our sights, we strongly believe that we can return a Conservative MP in Southport. But we need your help . . .

You can play your part by joining the Conservative Party. The Conservatives are already the largest party in local Government, and Conservative Future is Britain’s largest and fastest–growing student body.

David Cameron’s Conservative Party will be a voice for change, optimism and hope. It will be a party that represents everyone in Britain: wherever they live, whatever their race, religion, gender, sexuality or salary. We are a party eager to rebuild and strengthen our society for the benefit of all. Please be part of it.

Membership costs just £25 per year (or £3 if you are 22 yrs or younger)
If you would like to join us, please get in touch!