Damien Moore

MP for Southport
Damien was elected as the MP for Southport in 2017. He first contested the seat in 2015 and reduced the incumbent Liberal Democrat’s majority by over five thousand. In both elections, he promised to restore the historic retail and resort town to its rightful place in the North West.

Originally from Cumbria, Damien moved to Preston in 2002 to study at the University of Central Lancashire. He went into the retail sector after graduating, and worked his way up to a senior management role at the supermarket chain ASDA. In May 2012, Damien was elected as a councillor on Preston City Council. He won re-election four years later, and he served as Deputy Leader of the Conservative group.

As an MP, Damien sits on both the Petitions and Science & Technology Committees. He also chairs the APPGs for blockchain, Tunisia, Belgium, and Luxembourg. Yet his main interest is transforming retail, tourism, and transport in Southport.


Chancellor praises Damien Moore for championing the High Street

The Chancellor Philip Hammond praised Damien Moore for championing the high street in Parliament, mentioning the Southport MP's efforts in this year's Budget on Monday.

Damien says, "I believe the government should do more to help Britain's struggling high street."