Southport won’t benefit from Sefton Councils Community Transition Fund figures show

A recent decision by Sefton Council will see a Community Transition fund spend significant resources on organisations, almost all of which are based in or around South Sefton and Bootle.


The decision has been branded by the Conservatives as a further example of disparity between Southport and Bootle.


These organisations include; Marine Football Club, Sefton Community Carers Centre, Hope Community Church, St Nicholas Church in Blundellsands and Bath Street Table Tennis Club in Bootle. Each grant is expected to be between £8000 and £25000.


Imagine Independence, which is partly based in Southport, will also receive a grant as part of the Community Transition Fund, however the body of the organisation is based in Liverpool.


The purpose of the fund is to enable community organisations to provide various, valuable services to local communities.  However, many have become discontented with Sefton MBC’s continued neglect of Southport, whose wealth makes many of these projects possible, and it is feared Southport may become a shadow of its former self should things continue in this vein.


A spokesperson for Southport Conservative Association commented:

“This recent round of grants provided by Sefton Council through the Community Transition Fund is just another example of Labour Bootle using Southport as a cashcow for projects elsewhere.


“We fully support funds such as these and more generally the support provided to valuable community organisations, but it’s difficult to stand by whilst Sefton Council continues to politicise and neglect Southport’s own services. Why should Bootle continue to be the only beneficiary in this authority?


“The sooner the town can begin to unshackle itself from the influences of Sefton Council by establishing a town council to decide on local issues, the better off all residents in our town will be.”