New double yellow lines on Oxford Road

Dukes Ward Councillor, Sir Ron Watson, and his Council Candidate Colleague, Mike Prendergast, have expressed their satisfaction that they have been now able to extend the double yellow lines at the top of Oxford Road on the right hand side into Trafalgar Road.


Sir Ron said this really is a very busy area of the road system and if you are travelling up Oxford Road you have a very obscured view – if any view at all – of cars coming along Trafalgar Road and this in itself is a danger and many residents have been expressing their concern for a not insignificant period of time as the extension of the lines now gives a much clearer view and will be a big safety help.


Mike Prendergast said


'I have had this issue drawn to my attention and have been very pleased to have worked with Sir Ron in putting forward positive proposals that have resulted in this new and important safety measure being implemented.'