Local MP Invites schools in Southport to visit Parliament

Local MP Invites schools in Southport to visit Parliament

Southport MP, Damien Moore, has appealed to all schools in the town to assist pupils to develop their political understanding by inviting them to visit Parliament.

In a letter to all primary and secondary schools in the local area, Damien has encouraged teachers and pupils to visit Westminster to learn more about the nations democratic system.

Damien said:

“As the ‘mother of all parliaments,’ I believe every young person in our community should have the opportunity to visit the Palace of Westminster and learn about its history and its importance in our democracy.”

“As we embark on our next constitutional milestone by leaving the European Union, and with important elections in the next year, now is an exciting time for students to visit Parliament.”

“I am delighted to invite so many schools to visit and cannot wait to meet hundreds of our next generation, all of whom could one day be elected to serve the local area as Southport’s Member of Parliament. I would encourage every school to visit, as it is a wonderful opportunity for students as well as teachers too.”

Depending on the trip, pupils may have the opportunity to tour the Palace of Westminster, learning about the work of Parliament today as well as the chance to take part in a workshop session, whilst being accompanied by their MP.

Schools from Southport are also eligible for a travel subsidy to defray the costs of the visit via the Education Centre.

If you would like to visit Parliament as part of a group, or individually, please contact my office who will be happy to accommodate you.