Cycle Route Plans for Town Centre

The recent announcement of new ‘pop up’ cycle lanes and walking routes across Southport
town centre has been criticised by Michael Prendergast, prospective council candidate for
Dukes Ward in next year’s local elections.

‘Once again, Sefton Council has shown it is completely out of touch with reality by
announcing plans to remove parking from parts of Southport town centre and limit access
for motorists in order to ‘improve’ access for pedestrians and cyclists. This is just another
kick in the teeth for businesses in our town centre who are already struggling to grapple
with a range of challenges.’

‘There has been no consultation with local traders or residents as far as I am aware and this
scheme is simply being imposed without due consideration of how this could hurt local
businesses. Encouraging people to cycle and walk more is a laudable aim, but it should not
be at the expense of our local economy.’

‘We need to encourage people to come into shop in Southport town centre, not put them
off. Instead, parking will be removed from Hoghton Street and access for cars limited across
great swathes of the town centre.’

‘I have been campaigning for Sefton Council to temporarily suspend pay and display in our
town centre for a period of 12 months to help support local businesses. So far over 600
people local people, residents and businesses alike, have signed the petition and I would
urge Sefton Council to consider this as a measure that could help our local traders.’

The online petition can be found at: