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5th May

5th May 2016 is election day for Sefton,Our Candidates are working hard , all year round and not just at election time.If you wish to contact any candidate please go to their page for details.

Dr Jamie Halsall launches "Love Ainsdale"

With Easter approaching one issue that what costanlty brought to our attention was litter. residents had raisded concerns that our Ainsdale was being let down due to the  litter problem. After visits to the areas we decided urgent action was needed so we organised a clean up, the repsonse was impressive.

Cllr Hartill announces his retirement from public life

Ted Hartill is retiring from his role as councillor for Ainsdale Ward in Sefton.The Conservative politician, a former police officer in the area, is stepping down after serving in Ainsdale in Southport since his election in May 2012. He said: “I have spent my entire working life in the service of the public in one form or another.“I have now reached a time in my life when I feel it is right to step down from formal public service and let someone younger stand in my place.“Therefore, I will not be standing for re-election in May although I will continue my local work within the community.

Phil King, 1939-2014

RIP Phil King, 'Mr Southport', who sadly passed away this week. This town, quite simply, will not be the same without him.

2014 Sefton Council Candidates selected

Tonight the Southport Conservative Executive committee selected the final candidates to stand in this years Sefton Metroploitan Borough Council elections.

Let Southport Decide

Over the years since Southport became part of Sefton Metropolitan Borough Council, there have been many calls for 'Southport out of Sefton'. Now you can have your say . . .

Southport Conservatives Pressure Secures a Consultation on Southport Town Centre Parking

Southport Conservative Councillors have had concerns for many years that the parking charges and its organisation were having a serious impact on the future and viability of Southport town centre. We have great reservations that parking charges are no more than a tax on shoppers, while the monies being collected were being used to fund services etc., it was having a negative impact on our retailers, with a lack of footfall this could only lead to closures and redundancies.

Blanket 20MPH Speed Limits Are Not The Answer

Sefton Council are proposing to impose blanket speed limits of 20MPH over the whole of Southport with only the major routes being Left at 30MPH. This is being imposed under the Safety umbrella and the National “twenties plenty” campaign.

Cllr Brenda Porter and her Conservative colleagues were right to fight for Southport Market

Cllr Brenda Porter and her  Conservative Colleagues have been proved right to fight for the refurbishment of the Southport indoor market. After constant attempts by Southport Liberal Democrat Cllr's and their activists to stop the refurbishment an article printed in todays Southport Visiter (7/3/2012) has confirmed that the £3m scheme will enhance what was a grot spot in the town centre, have a knock on effect on shops in the area and create much need jobs for our town.Cllr Brenda Porter fought with passion to make sure this scheme went ahead and even invited Prime minister David Cameron to visit the ailing Market.