Ann Pearmain Announced as Conservative Councillor Candidate for Dukes Ward

Southport Conservatives are pleased to announce that Ann Pearmain will be standing to become Dukes Ward Councillor for this council by-election. Ann is a resident of Dukes Ward and is a passionate, confident and out-spoken member of the Southport Conservative Party. Keeping Lord Street Red and the fair distribution of council funds are just some of the issues that Ann cares about. Wider issues such as cleaning up our streets, clamping down on litter and dog dirt throughout the area, and enabling easier, and more convenient access to parking in the town center are also important to Ann. Furthermore, Ann cares deeply about the community and all those in it, from giving the youth a louder voice in the community to preventing loneliness among vulnerable residents.

Ann works as a part-time case worker, and is a Dukes Ward resident. As such she has extensive experience, knowledge and connections to create change for the better for all members of the community. Assisting constituents with a range of complex issues ranging from helping residents clean up their neighbourhoods, to housing issues and immigration resolutions, liaising with external agencies to obtain a favourable outcome for those seeking help. Furthermore, she is an active community champion, supporting local businesses and hopes to bring Southport back onto the list of top 40 seaside towns in the UK.

Ann says “I would love to be able to represent my hometown and the residents of Dukes Ward. I believe it is important that we attract more tourism and investment in Southport, taking care of Lord Street, hosting fantastic events and taking care of issues that matter to you.

Personally, I champion combating loneliness in the community and I champion organisations such as the loneliness commission who help people living with loneliness.”

The by-election will take place on Thursday 2nd November. Please remember to register to vote before the 5pm 18th October.

To register online please visit

Or for a postal vote

If you need assistance or further information, please contact Sefton Council on 0345 140 0845 or email